Super Aguri signs sponsorship deal with Four Leaf

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SUPER AGURI F1 TEAM is pleased to announce its sponsorship agreement with Four Leaf Corporation, Japan, commencing from the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix. Four Leaf Corporation, Japan, is a company in the field of health, welfare, education and the protection of the environment.

The company is also using its sponsorship of the SUPER AGURI F1 TEAM as a vehicle to promote its involvement in the ‘Team Dreams Cubes’ project. Both company logos will be seen on the team’s SA07 cars and in the garage environment.

Tadamasa Shimamura, President, Four Leaf coorporation
“SUPER AGURI F1 TEAM is a young and small team in the world of Formula One, but they have unlimited amount of energy and passion. We have always watched, with much respect, the team conquering the many challenges presented to it with its cars that are painted in our national colors. It is so inspirational and it reaches our ‘heart and soul’. Our company slogan ‘power to care for the people - Human Energy’ is our dream. We are hoping to accelerate toward our dream, hand-in-hand with SUPER AGURI F1 TEAM.”

Aguri Suzuki, Team Principal, SUPER AGURI F1 TEAM
“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Four Leaf and to be able to help with the promotion of their association with the ‘Team Dream Cubes’ charitable project. You will also see this concept logo on our racing cars. We consider this partnership not as just a sponsorship, but the first step for both of us to develop our projects into the future.”