Hamilton responds to racial abuse

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McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has responded to the racial abuse that was addressed to him during the Barcelona test session this weekend. In an interview with sportlifepress.com, Hamilton once again repeated how much he loves Spain and how sad he feels after the incident this weekend.

Lewis Hamilton said: "The truth is that I feel somewhat sad, I am in love with this country, and especially the city of Barcelona and this circuit, which is one of my three favourites

"The people in Spain have always been very warm with me, and even though I imagined what might happen it has not been pleasant. But maybe these types of things make you learn to appreciate more the warmth of the public, who although you always try to be there for them, you never know how important they are to you until these types of things happen.

"The only thing that I have done is to try to give the best of myself and try to win the championship, at no point have I tried to deliberately prejudice Fernando, but the fight has been very tough and my image in Spain has been severely damaged."