Fondmetal GR01 Ford

Fondmetal GR01 image

Active: 1992
Team: Fondmetal SpA

Team: Robin Herd, Tim Holloway, Tino Belli
Drivers: Andrea Chiesa (14), Gabriele Tarquini (15)

The Fondmetal GR01 was an unsuccessful car and the result of several issues within the team that hampered development of the car.

After Fomet, a British engineering company also set up by Fondmetal team owner Gabriele Rumi severed its ties with the F1 team, the team were forced to use an updated version of the Fomet 1 chassis, rather than a new car which Rumi was trying to get powered by Lamborghini LE3512 V12 or Judd GV10 V10 engines. The option to use the older Fomet 1 chassis meant neither of these suppliers was possible, as that chassis simply couldn't fit the bigger engines.

Rumi's solution was a deal with Benetton to secure a supply of their used 1991 Ford-Cosworth HB engines. Packaging was better, but the used HB engines offered little more than 650hp, compared to the 700hp that the Judd and Lamborghini had on offer.

As the team focused development mainly on the GR02, the GR01 was simply a modification to fit the Ford HB engines.

The results spoke for themselves, with Chiese usually not able to qualify, making it onto the grid just two times. Tarquini did qualify in all 6 races he entered the GR01 with, but neither driver managed to get the car to the finish once.


Chassis: Carbon fibre monocoque
Front suspension: Double wishbones, pushrod actuated
Rear suspension: Double wishbones, pushrod actuated
Tyres: Goodyear
Fuel: Agip


Designation: Ford HB
Type: 75° V8, naturally aspirated
Capacity: 3498 cc
Power: 650hp