American Speed TV extends F1 contract

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The Formula One Management and Speed TV have agreed to extend a successful partnership to continue providing live coverage of the Formula One World Championship to the fans in the United States. The relationship dates back to 1996, and will continue with live coverage of the entire Grand Prix weekend.

Speed TV president Hunter Nickell said, "The global Formula One fan base is one of the most passionate in all of motor sports. In America, fans gather at all hours of the morning -- with races coming in from places like Malaysia, Singapore and Monaco -- to watch Speed and cheer their favorite drivers and constructors. We look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with these fans.

Commentator Bob Varsha said, "I've been on pins and needles waiting for this new agreement, and I've lost track of how many questions I've answered from our viewers regarding what the future holds, whether we'll see much of our colleague Peter Windsor in his new role as a team boss, and so much more. Anyone who was a part of the paddock fun at the old USGP at Indy knows that our fans are smart, loyal and vocal. I look forward to trying to give them what they expect on grand prix weekends for years to come.