Red Bull's floor deemed illegal

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F1 Grand Prix, GP Canada, Circuit Gilles Villeneuveca

Red Bull Racing has been forced to change the design of its car's floor after a discussion with the FIA. Red Bull's understanding of the rules were found incorrect, whereas the judgement of other teams that followed the rules in a more strict way is judged to be the correct one.

SpeedTV's Adam Cooper has seen a copy of TD/013-12, with the most essential part quoted as follows: "Following on from a number of discussions in Monaco, during which it became clear that certain misunderstandings existed, we feel it would be helpful to make our position clear with respect to the presence of a fully enclosed hole in any surface lying on the step plane.

"It has been argued that, as it is not explicitly stated that fully enclosed holes cannot be located in a surface lying on the step plane rearward of a line 450mm forward of the rear face of the cockpit template, then they may be located in such areas. We disagree with this view and consider it implicit that fully enclosed holes may not be located there."

Red Bull argued that because it is not explicitly stated in the regulations that holes in the step plane are forbidden in this area, it would be allowed, but now the FIA stands firm that it is not legal.

Red Bull have been using a floor with such holes in an attempt to blow the diffuser with more air than would otherwise have been possible. One slot on each side of the car was aimed towards the most central part of the diffuser, in essence creating a similar effect as with a double diffuser.

The team have run this design since the Bahrain GP, the first race won by Red Bull this year. However, the results thus far will not be fought, a normal procedure with clarifications like these.

Image by Jean Baptiste