Promoters set to upgrade their tracks

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F1’s governing body, FIA has informed the promoters which are set to host a GP in the 2017 to upgrade their tracks to accommodate this year’s heavily modified cars. Circuits are expected to take safety measures because of the higher cornering speed.

2017 will see a big technical overhaul. Cars will look more aggressive. That will be the consequence of heavily revised technical regulations. Wider tyres, wider chassis with bigger rear and front wings, wider floor and lower rear wing are the most important changes among many technical modifications.

Cars are expected to be much faster. The wider chassis and wider tyres will result in higher drag, but the enhanced downforce levels will allow higher cornering speed and better acceleration.
FIA’s safety director Laurent Mekies has been working on the matter with the help of the teams.

"Every single track is receiving from the FIA a requested upgrade based on that work." Mekies is quotes as sayong by reuters.

"Every single team has been asked to provide simulations for their 2017 cars."

FIA has carried out various simulations based on the information provided by the teams. The results show an incredible increase of speed in corners. In fast turns, speed may climb up by 40 kph compared to the values measured in 2016. For example, the third corner in Barcelona is expected to be taken easily flat-out which has only been the case on low fuel so far.

"We've used these simulations to feed our simulation software, we therefore simulated every single track with the 2017 cars, so much higher cornering speeds -- up to 40 kph faster in high speed corners.

Among the changes are building of new tyre walls and increasing of existing walls in depth.