Minardi PS05 Cosworth

Minardi PS05 image

Active: 22-04-2005 - 2005
Team: Minardi Team SpA

Team: Gabriele Tredozi (TD), Sandro Parini (CD), Andrea Rocchetto (CA)
Drivers: Christijan Albers (21) , Patrick Friesacher (20) - until Indianapolis / Robert Doornbos (20)

The new Minardi PS05 was presented at first at the 2005 San Marino GP after the first few races of the season were done by the older PS04B. The new car was the first newly developed racer in several years for the cash strapped Minardi team. It is a dramatic evolution of its immediate predecessor, featuring highly sculpted side pods and a number of aerodynamic innovations aimed at increasing downforce levels, reducing drag, and working in harmony with the wing and diffuser specifications mandated for 2005.

Equally important as the revised car body is the new Cosworth Racing TJ2005 Series 10 power unit which represents a major step forward for Minardi in terms of performance. This engine was bought on a customer basis and was used for the whole season. Cosworth's second team, Red Bull Racing, was provided the Series 12 engine as of the 9th GP of the season.

The team could fight with Jordan on several occasions not to be at the back of the field but they remained a poor performing team just as in the previous years. At the Grand Prix of the United States, the car was good for a double points finish after all teams using Michelin tyres withdrew, leaving just 6 cars on track.

The PS05 was the last Formula One car developed the team, before it was taken over by Red Bull to become Scuderia Toro Rosso.


Chassis material: Carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque
Bodywork: Carbon fibre
Suspension, front/rear: Upper/lower composite-reinforced wishbones, pushrod-activated torsion springs/rockers front/rear, mechanical anti-roll bars
Dampers: Sachs (to Minardi specification)
Steering: Minardi power-assisted rack and pinion
Gearbox: Minardi sequential, six-speed, semi-automatic, longitudinally mounted, titanium casing, hydraulic activation (Magneti Marelli ecu, Minardi software)
Differential: Minardi hydraulic/programmable units
Clutch: AP Racing triple-plate carbon
Brakes discs & pads: Hitco
Cooling system: Secan Minardi-designed water and oil radiators
Cockpit instrumentation: Magneti Marelli in steering wheel
Seat belts: TRW Sabelt six-point harness
Steering wheel: Minardi design
Extinguisher system: FEV
Wheels: OZ forged magnesium (13.0 x 12.75 in front/13.0 x 13.7in rear)
Tyres: Bridgestone
Fuel cell: ATL, FT5 specifications
Fuel & lubricants: Elf


Wheelbase: 3097 mm
Front track: 1451 mm
Rear track: 1422 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Length: 4548 mm
Weight: 605 kg (including driver and camera)


Designation: Cosworth TJ2005
Configuration: 90º V10
Capacity: 2998 cc