Brawn convinced 2009 car would be front-runner

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Honda team principal Ross Brawn has declared that a possible investor for the Brackley-based F1 team would get a fantastic opportunity to enter the pinnacle of motorsport in 2009 with a front-running car. Honda was one of the first teams to shift its development focus on 2009 and the new regulations, therefore the team is convinced it will break through at the front of the field next season. That is if it finds a buyer....

Brawn declared to 'Sky news': “It is such a fantastic opportunity for somebody who wants to get involved with Formula 1. You won’t find the infrastructure we have here, the quality of people we have here, the facilities we have here and the fact that I believe we have got a front-running car already designed. If we can find that owner, if we can find that investor then they won’t get a better opportunity than this.”