Who is the Stig?

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Research to the most asked question on the internet led to the answer: "Who is the Stig?". The identity of the Stig, who tests new cars in the popular programme 'Top Gear', is the best kept secret of the BBC and of course this leads to a lot of speculation on the internet.

In the first two season of Top Gear, the Stig wore a black race suit and black helmet. His identity was no longer a secret as Perry McCarthy, a former F1 driver, revealed in his biography that he was the Stig.

After this, the BBC searched for a new Stig and found one. The Stig can now be recognised by an all white race outfit and a white helmet with dark visor. He never talks and the fact that the BBC so desperately wants to keep his identity a secret only increases the myth around the man ... or woman.

Lewis Hamilton, Damon Hill, Fernando Alonso... all of their names have been linked with the Stig. But the only name that keeps popping up is Ben Collins. Collins is a British racing driver and already made some guest appearances in Top Gear. If Collins is the Stig or not we will not discover for a while as Top Gear remains one of the most popular programmes in the world. So the question remains: Who is the Stig?