Button "as shocked as everyone else"

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Honda Racing F1 Team driver Jenson Button has responded for the first time after Honda declared that they would pull the plug out of the F1 team with immediate effect. Button said that he was "as shocked as everyone else" to hear the news.

Button said to the press: "The first couple of hours were the most painful but then I thought what's the point of being down? We need to stay positive in ourselves and as one team because if we're not, who'll be interested in taking over?"

Jenson continued: "I found out the same as everyone did on the team, so it's just as much a shock for me as for everyone else. It's not going to change so we've just got to try and be positive.

"It's either going to make us stronger or break us, if it doesn't kill us it'll make us stronger."

To watch the entire video of Button speaking to the press: