USF1 and Campos reassure doubters of presence in Bahrain in March

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With FOM CEO Bernie Ecclestone doubting the presence of USF1 and Campos on the starting grid in March of next year, each team has quickly responded to those accusations via the BBC. USFI clarifies that their car is progressing along quite well even without drivers, and Campos is further along and only needs to announce one more race driver.

"I'm surprised Bernie said that. We will be there. We're in good shape. Everything is going well and we are looking forward to the year," Windsor told the 'BBC', adding, "We've just finished the chassis and are now in the hands of Cosworth."

"We are trying to find the best drivers we can; there's no rush. We have no date [for car completion]. It's difficult to predict when that date would be. However, there will be a moment when we announce the drivers at the factory and that will be some time towards late January."

While Campos Meta team principal Daniele Audetto said, "The car is almost ready. We are not in a situation where we cannot race."

Owner Adrian Campos commented, ""My opinion is Bernie does not have all the information. We are working very hard. We are now very close to a title sponsor and a second driver. We will be there - otherwise we lose everything."