MP4-19 almost ready to roll

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It has been reported recently that the new McLaren contender should be on track later this month and Mercedes boss Juergen Hubbert has now confirmed this scenario, explaining that if all goes well it should make its debut at Valencia on the 26th of this month.

"If everything goes according to plan, the new car should be driven for the first time in the 48th week (of the year)," he confirmed.

It is still not clear if the new car he is referring to is actually the ill fated mP4-18 that failed to make its race debut in 2003 as planned, or if it will be the following model, the MP4-19, which is expected to be yet another evolution of the MP4-18.

The Woking squad completed the 2003 season in the hybrid MP4-17D where Kimi Raikkonen almost clinched his first ever world championship crown.