Toyota denies return to Formula One

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Toyota have denied rumours that it is working on an engine to return to Formula one in the next few years. Some sources had been pointing in that direction, saying that members of the Cologne base confirmed this.

Toyota Motorsport however have now confirmed to F1technical that any rumours in this direction are false.

"We are not planning a return to F1. There is no work going on here relating to F1 for Toyota, although of course many F1 teams are using our facility for their own developments."

While Toyota is not working on its own return to F1, the Cologne base now houses the development for Toyota's ELMS cars, along with its electric record breaking vehicles.

Its state of the art windtunnel meanwhile, which was only completed 2 years ahead of Toyota leaving F1 as a team, continues to see several F1 teams visit. Ferrari among others are now developing their Ferrari F138 as the Scuderia is busy rebuilding its own windtunnel at Maranello following correlation problems during 2011 and 2012.