Technical impression of the BAR007

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The BAR Honda team has today shown its 2005 contender and immediately started the testing for it. The team, now owned by engine manufacturer Honda for 45% aims for its first win ever. Former principal Richards however warned it may be difficult if the other top teams are back on their usual level.

As soon as the car came out, it became clear the car was a thorough development of the BAR006. Technical director Geaff Willis had before said that BAR is technically very advanced, possible further than Ferrari, but that is was down aerodynamically.

Last year's innnovative carbon cased gearbox has been further developed resulting in an even lighter and stiffer box which is equipped with a system to limit revolution drops during gear shifting.

On the other side and as noted before a very important side are the aerodynamics. BAR has opted to raise the nose a tiny bit, where now it looks smaller and more flat on the underside. It is however more similar to that of the BAR006 than the high pointy nose of the BAR005.

Furthermore at the front there is a particular front wing which is 5cm higher then before because of regulations, but at the middle it is very prominently curved downwards around the nose cone.

At the middle, the team have opted for a slight colour change as the complete area around the driver's helmet is now coloured black. The engine cover behind the air intake is mainly red.

This year also seems to be a development year for the sidepods. Ferrari started with tightening the sidepods some years ago but now it seems more and more important because of regulations that limit rear downforce.

BAR007's sidepods are therefore kind of bulgy, looking very round in the front sloping downwards towards the rear wing. At first sight it does not look as thing as with Sauber and moreover, the air inlet for the radiators is bigger too. The BAR car however is not equipped with barge boards, similar to its predecessor.

At the rear the car is also by default increasing downforce by a small centre wing just in front of the rear wing. Something similar was seen on last year's Renault too and may be expected to appear on other cars this year too.

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