It’s a miracle he’s alive! - Stewart

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McLaren driver Heikki Kovalainen amazingly escaped his high-speed crash during yesterday's Spanish Grand Prix with nothing more than a concussion and some bruises. The young Finn crashed into the barriers and was buried deep in the tyre wall.

Sir Jackie Stewart said on the accident: “It is a miracle he is alive. Heikki is a very lucky boy. If that had happened in my day he would not have had a hope in hell of walking away from it. Watching it and seeing how deeply the car was buried was just atrocious. There was just so little deceleration and he was planing over the gravel. It was a big one."

Seeing Kovalainen escape from the big crash and looking back on the horror crash of Robert Kubica last season, we can seeonce more that the safety in F1 has improved immensly over the past years. There hasn't been a fatal accident in the pinnacle of motorsport since Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger at San Marino 14 years ago. Stewart said: “For Heikki to come out of that accident shows just how much we have come on in terms of safety. The car protected him because he was in a survival cell made of bullet-proof Kevlar carbon fibre. Any concussion was to be expected.”