Current safety car regulations are a true gamble - Theissen

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Following the Spanish Grand Prix, Mario Theissen expresses his delight at Heikki Kovalainen having escaped from his massive crash virtually unharmed, while at the same time he is content with the performance delivered by the BMW Sauber F1 Team.

Mario Theissen said: "First of all, we are all delighted that Heikki Kovalainen is apparently okay, following his accident in the Spanish Grand Prix.

"Robert lost a position at the start and entered turn one right behind Lewis Hamilton. When he crossed the finish line, however, he did so just as close behind the Brit. Both contested the race with identical strategies, pitted simultaneously and displayed the same pace. Consequently, Robert, unfortunately, was never offered a chance of re-passing Hamilton.

"Nick gained two positions at the start and delivered in fine style. However, the safety-car period caught him off-guard and destroyed our strategy. We lacked those precious few seconds to call him in early enough. We wanted to call him in via the pit radio but he answered that it was too late. Therefore, he had to come in for fuel while the pit lane was still closed, due to the safety-car period - and consequently received a ten-second stop-and-go penalty. At the end of the day he finished ninth, just pipped in the battle for a World Championship point. According to our calculations, without this incident he would have finished fifth behind Robert, and that would have been a good result considering his grid position.

"Unfortunately, with regards the safety car and pit stops, the current situation is anything but satisfying - it is a true gamble. This time, we have been the ones to suffer. The team managers have been discussing this topic with the FIA for quite a while now. I hope that there will be a reasonable solution soon.

"Following the three podium finishes secured in the previous rounds, the Spanish GP was the race that produced the smallest crop of points for our team. Nevertheless, we performed well and didn't encounter any technical problems throughout the weekend. Ferrari are currently ahead but their lead is enjoyably small. As I see it, the racing at the front is even closer than it was before. Therefore, we can be prepared for a thrilling season."

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