Minardi PS03 Cosworth

Minardi PS03 image

Active: 2003
Team: Minardi Team SpA

Each year this small team starts with a lot of optimism about a new engine, a wonderful design and more of the goods. Unfortunately, and also at the beginning of 2003, when the cars hit the track, both drivers soon discover they will be starting at the back of the grid. Verstappen and Wilson even had to start the season on old Bridgestones (until Barcelona) because of the very late signing of an agreement between Michelin and Bridgestone. Thanks to sponsors of Verstappen, mainly Trust and Meurmans, the team was able to improve its financial position, although Bernie Ecclestone also came in to help if the situation should become worse.


Chassis: Carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque
Bodywork: Carbon fibre
Suspension: front/rear Upper/lower carbon-wrapped steel wishbones, pushrod-activated torsion springs/rockers front/rear, mechanical anti-roll bars
Dampers: Sachs (to Minardi specification)
Steering: Minardi power steering rack and pinion
Gearbox: Minardi sequential, six-speed, semi-automatic, longitudinally mounted, titanium casing, hydraulic activation (Magneti Marelli ecu, Minardi software)
Differential: Minardi hydraulic/programmable units BRAKES
Brakes: discs: Hitco/Brembo carbon, pads: Hitco/Brembo carbon
Cooling system: Secan Minardi-designed water and oil radiators
Cockpit instrumentation: Magneti Marelli in steering wheel
Seat belts: TRW Sabelt six-point harness
Wheels: OZ forged magnesium (13.0 x 12.0in front/13.0 x 13.7in rear)
Tyres: Bridgestone
Fuel cell: ATL, FT5 specifications


Wheelbase: 3097 mm
Front track: 1480 mm
Rear track: 1410 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Length: 4548 mm
Weight: 600 kg (including driver and camera)


Designation: Cosworth Racing CR-3
Configuration: 72° V10, 2998 cc
Valve Train: Pneumatic
Fuel management system: Magneti Marelli Step 10
  • Engine blochk/heads: Aluminium
  • Crankshaft: Steel
  • Pistons : Aluminium alloy
  • Connecting rods: Titanium