Good first impressions of the car, unlike last year - Massa

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Ferrari's Felipe Massa is already feeling good about their 2010 challenger, the F10, after the first test day of the year. He also shares that in contrast to last year, the new car has given him good impressions thus far. And it shows, as the Brazilian clocked the fastest time of the day and amassed the most laps as well.

Speaking to reporters in the Valencian paddock, Felipe Massa shared about his official return to Formula One, "For sure I'm happy to be back after such a long time watching the races in television, sometimes on track. I think it was a very positive day. The car behaved very well. We managed to start and finish our programme like expected, even did a few more laps than expected. So I think it all went very well on the first day.

"The car behaved in a good direction in terms of... I felt it was an easier car to drive compared to last year's. Last year it was always difficult to find the balance. This year it was just one day but at least it was quite positive and quite easier to find the set-up and the balance.

"Also in the tyres I didn't feel any problems. I think everything went in a very good direction for the first day but it's not enough. There's still a lot to improve until the first race, which is the most important thing.

"I'm happy for the first day," Massa added, "It was not like last year, when we already knew there were problems with the car. So this time we could finish our programme in a very easy way, so I'm quite happy.

"It's always good to have a good first impression of the car, but I still know there's a long way to go. So we need to work every day. We know how F1 changes to quickly that if you don't improve the car every day it's difficult."

The six year Ferrari veteran driver will continue tomorrow, with his teammate Fernando Alonso taking the wheel on Wednesday.