Williams FW32 makes track debut

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F1 Test, Valencia, Valencia, Ricardo Tormoes

Williams have today debuted their new car, the Cosworth powered FW32. As the team decided not to do an official launch, this was the first display to the public. It was Rubens Barrichello who was given the privilege to shake down the car.

The Brazilian ended the day 6th fastest and completed a good 75 laps before coming to a halt aside of the circuit, caused the session to be red flagged for a while.

Williams' technical director Sam Michael said the new FW32 is a clean sheet design. The resulting car has a much higher nose cone than its predecessor but lacks the snow plough that the team was using during 2009 as a front diffuser.

The sidepod entries and panels are rather conventional, but the rear end has been massively changed compared to the design introduced at the beginning of 2009. The sidepods are now sloping down steeper. The FW31 had sidepods that were designed to narrow quickly, but they were tall from the foremost to the most rearward point.