The price of coming late

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Even Michael Schumacher, the richest man in Formula One pitlane, has to pay if he's late for a Ferrari technical briefing.The man himself, six-times world champion, told F1 Racing that any team member owes ten Euros to the kitty for every minute he's late for a meeting. 'Absolutely,' said Schumacher.

Asked if even the world's highest-paid racing driver has to pay, he added, 'Of course! But I'm not the biggest contributor to the scheme.'

The 34-year-old's dedication to his sport, and Ferrari, is legendary.

Schumacher said the scheme was devised because precision is 'extremely important' to success in such a convoluted world as Formula One. 'Every part of an F1 car has to be perfect,' he added, 'and, to achieve that level of excellence, it's first things first - like being on time.'