Horner hints at Aston Martin engines for Red Bull

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On the back of Honda's merry-go-round, Red Bull Racing's Christian Horner has hinted at yet another engine announcement to come soon. Without giving away the name, he did point towards an announcement by Aston Martin.

It is understood that as part of Toro Rosso's engine switch from Renault to Toro Rosso, sister team Red Bull Racing wants to keep its options open for 2019, knowing that its own power unit contract with Renault runs out at the end of the 2018 season.

Renault, obviously aware of the fact that Red Bull Technology will have data of both Renault and Honda engines during 2018 didn't like that prospect, and have reportedly informed Red Bull Racing they would prefer to end supplying the team when their current contract ends.

Among ongoing rumours of Porsche possibly jumping into the sport when new engine regulations will come into play in 2021, Christian Horner threw in another suggestion when speaking on Friday at Singapore.

"Paddock rumour is so great," Horner told Sky Sports. "I think there will be another announcement soon, that won't be with Porsche. I'll leave you with that one to think about, but it won't be with Porsche."

Pushed on the matter, he was asked: "So you're saying something besides from Porsche, Renault or Honda?"

"Absolutely," he replied. "We have a relationship with a motor manufacturer already. You haven't got to be a rocket scientist to work out what it is."

It is unclear right now if Horner is hinting at something for 2021, or possibly the shorter term.

Aston Martin does have a partnership agreement with Red Bull Racing, one that involved technical chief Adrian Newey to work on Aston Martin's most recent supercar "Valkyrie".

Interesting detail here is that British carmaker Aston Martin also has a cooperation with Mercedes AMG, with which they work together on drivetrains and hybrid technology for their road cars. Mercedes also currently owns 5% of Aston Martin.