MP4-22 Time Line

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The launch today of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team marks the start of a new era for the team, including the arriving of two new drivers with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton and the new sponsor: Vodafone. The MP4-22 will be presented to the public later this afternoon, but a lot of work has preceded this event. From the design table to its official launch and first track test, the MP4-22 went through a lot of stages.

First design meeting: December 2005
First scheming of gearbox: Early March 2006
Initial CAD work started: Mid March 2006
First CFD simulation: Late March 2006
Layout work started on MP4-22: Early May 2006
Wind tunnel work commences: Early May 2006
Car specification first issue: Mid June 2006
First drawing for gearbox: Late June 2006
Datum sheet issue, final dimensions: Mid July 2006
Gearcase production begun: Casting Late July 2006
Laminating Late September 2006
Chassis manufacturing begun: Tooling manufacture Late August 2006
Laminating Late September 2006
Car mock-up ready Initial engine: Early October 2006
Chassis Late October 2006
Final engine Late November 2006
Engine sealed for homologation: Brazilian Grand Prix 2006 from Chassis MP4-21 05
First chassis ready for bonding: Late November 2006
FIA test on first chassis: Late November 2006
Driver seat fittings: Pedro de la Rosa Late November 2006
Lewis Hamilton Late November 2006
Fernando Alonso Early December 2006
Gary Paffett Mid January 2007
First car build started: Early December 2006
First full power gearbox dyno test: Mid December 2006
Engine reliability updates: Mid December 2006
First car build finished: Late December 2006
First track test of MP4-22: January 2007

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