I don't know what I've could done better - Heidfeld

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As early as the free practice for the Singapore Grand Prix, the entry and exit to the pit lane had proven to be critical sections of the "Marina Bay Circuit". Nick Heidfeld soon came to realise this during qualifying when he failed to make room for a rival fast enough, and was promptly punished.

Having slowed down to avoid Nick as he peeled off into the pit lane, Rubens Barrichello (Honda) was forced to terminate his flying lap during the first section of qualifying. As a consequence, the BMW Sauber F1 Team driver was moved back three places on the grid. Nick regrets obstructing Barrichello, but insists that the track layout left him with no alternative.

"I was happy with the day and my sixth place in qualifying - until I received the news that I had been relegated three places on the grid for obstructing Barrichello as I drove into the pit lane," says Heidfeld. "As the victim of a punishment, you rarely agree with the decision, but it goes without saying that I must just accept it. I am also very sorry for Rubens, but I really don't know what I could have done better."

Normally the team informs the drivers when a faster driver is approaching behind them. The track positioning system means the pit crew always knows the location of the competition. In Singapore, however, they were only partially reliant on the positioning system. "Because the track is so narrow in this final passage, I only saw him at the last second in my rear-view mirror. After that, I did the best I could," says Nick.

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