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Ferrari tries 2012 prototype front wing

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With the focus now completely on 2012, Ferrari were earlier this week reported of working against the clock to get a new front wing ready for the Korean GP. And somewhat unsurprisingly, they got it done in time.

Ferrari's new front wing is a completely different beast to the previous versions fitted on the F150° Italia. The main plane of the wing is now entirely flat until very close to the endplate. The main plane is now also slotted, and together with a single flap on top of it re... Read more

Major aerodynamic update on Sauber C30

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Sauber introduced a major upgrade on its car, consisting entirely of aerodynamic parts. The team was struggling in the last few races to keep up with its pace earlier on in the season and with it at least a point scoring finish was made possible again. The team though mentions that the update package was planned for a long time and is not a reaction to disappointing performances.

Included in the update is a new rear wing, now with a curved up leading edge in the middle part of the w... Read more

Modified diffuser on McLaren

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Despite their recent 'fighting form', McLaren knows full well that Red Bull is still the team that is aerodynamically ahead of everyone, especially when it matters blown diffuser performance. It is therefore no surprise to see the British team to simply copy some changes on the diffuser of the Red Bull RB7.

RBR recently replaced the common gurney flaps along the upper edge of the diffuser by small wings, proving a more effective method to help create downforce at the rear end of the... Read more

MVR-02 updated with MercedesGP alike exhaust

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The team have used the new exhaust design already at the Italian GP at Monza, and thanks to seeing a performance improvement, they run it again at Singapore.

The design change abandons the somewhat unique layout Virgin had by blowing the exhaust over the diffuser quite close to the centre line of the car. Instead, the new layout is nearly identical to what can be seen on the Mercedes GP W02. Exhaust gases are now blown out of the side of the sidepods, close to the car's floor. With ... Read more

Lotus introduce simpler front wing for Spa

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Team Lotus ran a new front wing on their T128. For the high speed corners of Spa-Francorchamps, the team found it more efficient to have a two element wing, replacing the three element wing that was on the car since the first race of the season.

It's interesting to see that Lotus rely on generating more downforce close to the nosecone, whereas most teams do the opposite. Also particular about the new wing is the smaller slot gap between the base plane and the flap when compared to t... Read more

Mercedes add slim fence on front wing

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Mercedes GP have slightly changed their front wing at the Belgian GP by adding a fence close to the inner edge of the wing's main flap. Until the Hungarian GP, Mercedes had the front wing flap adjuster in that place, a remainder of the automatic front flap adjuster from last year.

So, instead of doing it close to the nose of the car, mechanics now have to add of remove 'clicks' off of the flap at the sidepod panel - as is the case on most other cars.

Williams test Red Bull-alike air exit

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Williams have been trying out different rear bodywork on their FW33 car. The new layout is quite similar to what can be seen on the Red Bull RB7 as it creates a hole above and ahead of the beam wing to allow hot air get out of the sidepods.

With the new exit, the team was able to close the exit low above the diffuser, aiming to create a cleaner airflow onto the diffuser, instead of using the hot air that went through the radiators upstream in the sidepods.

What makes this so interes... Read more

New vanes on McLaren rear wing endplates

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McLaren have added new vanes at the bottom end of the rear wing endplates in order to better manage airflow around the diffuser. Vanes in this area have been copied by Red bull and Ferrari earlier on as they can greatly help generate downforce due to their proximity to the engine exhausts.

It is for the same reason that some or the components of the diffuser and the lower flipup behind the brake duct are coated with heat resistive material to prevent the underlying carbon fibre from... Read more

Renault test rearward facing exhaust to replace FEE

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Lotus Renault have fitted their R31 with an entirely new exhaust system, similar to what most other teams are using at this stage of the season. As all teams copied Red Bull's solution to blow the diffuser with exhaust gases, even though teams like McLaren and Mercedes GP tried Renault's FEE in the wind tunnel, it certainly looks to be the more efficient solution. Renault have therefore developed a similar exhaust, exiting close the rear wheel's inner tyre wall, trying to energize t... Read more

Mercedes runs new exhaust system

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After having tested the new exhausts at first free practice in Valencia, both MGP cars were fitted with outer blown diffusers on Friday, set to race the new system. Even with the FIA changing the regulations to reduce off-throttle exhaust blowing, exhaust system like Red Bull are still putting the exhaust gases where they are most efficient.

With the new layout, Mercedes hope to make best use of the little exhaust blowing that is left in the system, and at the same time try to resol... Read more