Super Aguri SA08A Honda

Super Aguri SA08A image

Active: 2008
Team: Super Aguri F1

Team: Shuhei Nakamoto (TD Honda)
Drivers: Takuma Sato (18), Anthony Davidson (19)

The last Super Aguri car is a slight evolution of the ill-fated Honda of 2007. As Honda already struggled with their Honda RA107, it comes with no surprise that Super Aguri immediately lacked pace and were at the back of the grid.

As money problems didn't help, the team withdrew after the fourth round of the season. It was at this last Grand Prix at Catalunya, Spain that Takuma Sato finished 13th, Super Aguri's best result of the year.


Official Car Name: SA08A
Chassis construction: Moulded carbon fibre and honeycomb composite construction incorporating front and side composite impact structures; Integral roll protection structures; Fully enclosed fuel cell.
Bodywork construction: Composite multi piece sidepod and engine cover, separate carbon floor section, structural composite nose box and composite wings.
Front suspension: Wishbones, pushrod operated torsion bars and dampers. Mechanical anti-roll bar.
Rear suspension: Wishbones, pushrod operated torsion bars and dampers. Mechanical anti-roll bar.
Dampers: Showa
Wheels: BBS
Tyres: Bridgestone
Brakes: Alcon Calipers, Hitco material
Steering: Pneumatic power assisted
Steering wheel: Bespoke specification and composite construction
Drivers seat: Driver specific bespoke carbon composite
Seat belts: Takata
Fuel cell: ATL kelvar reinforced
Battery: 2.5 Ah lead acid
Instrumentation: Bespoke specification
Transmission: Carbon composite maincase, 7 speed semi automatic electro hydraulically controlled
Clutch: Sachs


Front track: 1450 mm
Rear track: 1400 mm
Wheelbase: 3165 mm
Overall length: 4685 mm
Overall height: 950 mm
Overall width: 1800 mm


Type: Honda RA808E
Displacement: 2.4 litres
Configuration: 90° V8, naturally aspirated
Maximum power: Over 700 bhp
Maximum revs: 19000 rpm
Valve train: 4 valves per cylinder; pneumatic valve system
Throttle system: Electronic hydraulically-operated system
Injection system: Honda PGM-FI
Ignition system: Honda PGM-IG
Spark Plugs: NGK